Corey Clark by Steve Granitz/ Corey Clark by Steve Granitz/
American Idol also-ran and all-around stand-up guy Corey Clark has been wait, no! There must be some mistake! He's been arrested on charges that he was in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. He's also in hot water because last year he skipped a court date in which he was supposed to address charges of violating a court order and trespassing. Gee, and he always seemed so with-it. In other reality-TV news,

America's Next Top Model kook Jael Strauss has filed an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against her former agent for publishing risqué pics of her on the Internet and in the 2001 book Beautiful: Nudes by Marc Baptiste. Although while she was on the show, the girl couldn't keep her top on for five minutes in a row, she's still miffed that these photos of her as an uninhibited 16-year-old have been released without her parents' consent.