This Monday, as a two-hour (!) Dancing with the Stars averaged 20.34 million total viewers:

8 pm/ET
Placing second was Chuck (8.22 million), albeit down a mil from its debut. CBS' Mother (7.88 mil, -400K) and Big Bang (8.58 mil, down a mil) each slipped. Prison Break held steady with 7.22 mil. The CW's Everybody Hates Chris (2.58 mil) was up 140 thou from last fall's premiere, while lead-out Aliens in America (with 2.33 mil) did not at all "terror"-bly, matching All of Us' 2006 opener.

9 pm
CBS' Men (13.4 mil) was on par with last week, but Rules (10.5 million) disengaged some 1.5 mil viewers. Drawing 11.94 mil, Heroes saw 15 percent of its premiere audience fly away. (Is Peter's new storyline using leftover Black Donnellys scripts and sets? I digress.) K-Ville (5.48 mil) KO'd another 680 thou. Girlfriends (2.6 mil) was down 150K from its previous premiere, but The Game (2.99 mil) was up 400,000.

10 pm
CSI: Miami dominated with 14.87 million, followed by The Bachelor (9.57 mil, down 10 percent from its premiere) and Journeyman (8.39 mil, slipping 11 percent).