Rachel Griffiths Rachel Griffiths

Rachel Griffiths ends 2010 on a sweet, furry note when she appears alongside Elmo on Sesame Street. "It's, like, the best job I've ever been offered," proclaims the mother of three — Banjo, 7, Adelaide, 5, and Clementine, 1 — who was thrilled at the chance to let her two oldest children watch as she taped a "Word on the Street" segment in which she explains to Elmo the concept of a dozen. "It was the sweetest thing," she says. "[Adelaide] didn't integrate the fact that there were these people operating the Muppets — she just thought they were fully alive. My kids were mesmerized!" And for her part, Griffiths just played it straight: "I didn't try to out-funny the Sesame Street characters."

She is stealing scenes, however, as Sarah on Brothers & Sisters. When asked what's coming up as new episodes resume January 2, she teases, "We're heading toward a full catastrophe." But don't panic — it's not a natural disaster or fatal disease she's referring to, but Sarah's wedding to French fiancé Luc (Gilles Marini), which sounds like it will go off, but with a few humorous hitches along the way.

Recently, the cast and crew celebrated the show's 100th episode. "We were all quite emotional and teary," she says. "We had a glass of champagne and then went back to a nine-page Walker dinner scene. I'm not so sure how that turned out, but I think it might have gotten a little wild." Probably a good thing the kids weren't with her that day.

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