Question: I was watching the second episode of this season of Law &#038 Order. The girl who played the woman who thought she was a teenager had me puzzled. Can you tell me who she was and what she has played in? She looked so familiar and usually I can place actors by the time a show is up but I could not this time. Your help is appreciated. — Melissa, Sheldon, Iowa

Televisionary: The young lady who appeared in the Oct. 9 episode ("Shangri-La") is named Stephi Lineburg and she has played other roles on the series before. You also may have seen her in such big-screen fare as Blown Away, Richie Rich or Mac. Or you may have caught her guest appearances on Law &#038 Order: Criminal Intent or Third Watch, or in the TV movies Amy &#038 Isabelle or Dad, the Angel &#038 Me.