Question: I wanted to say first and foremost how much I enjoy reading your column every week. Now I can ask you this: Who is the gorgeous new Gap model? The commercial starts and ends with him in bed, wearing only his Gap jeans! My sister and I have a dinner riding on this. I say he is a completely new, fresh face, but my sister claims that he may be on a soap, though she cannot remember his name. This is a new commercial, but I have complete faith in your abilities! Thanks so much! — Julie, Revere, Mass.

Televisionary: Glad to see everyone out there's part of an enthusiastically wagering (and dining) readership, Julie. (And buttering me up? How shameless. Worked, though.)

The hunk in question is Italy's Raoul Bova, who, according to company info, is known as the Italian Brad Pitt. If you and sis like looking at him so much and you're not the kind of Italian-film buffs who might've caught him in, say, La Finestra di Fronte or Francesca e Nunziata, hie thee to whichever cinema near you is playing Diane Lane's new flick Under the Tuscan Sun. Bova stars as the man who makes the lovely Ms. Lane's heart pound as rapidly as yours.

Oh, and for anyone who plans on following up with a question about the music used in that spot — and I know you're out there — that's Squeeze's "Tempted." You'll find it on their two best-of collections, Squeeze: Greatest Hits and Singles, or on the album which introduced the track, East Side Story.