Question: Thanks for asking about a Spike series or telemovie. I wrote a poem that I would like WB execs to see. Here it is:

I want James Marsters on my TV.

Of all the stars on my TV There is none that I really want to see.

Why can't the networks get a clue and hire you?

Do the executives have to get the flu to get a clue?

For it would be nice to see you.

Thanks! — Sarah

Ausiello: That's the kind of sloppy poetry that can bring a no-holds-barred Internet campaign to a screeching halt, Sarah. Seriously, that was terrible. In fact, I'd go so far as to call it TMHPIHERIML. The first person to correctly guess what that stands for wins a shout-out in AA, a copy of TV Guide (issue TBD) and, um, what do I have lying around here... um... a pencil with a clarinet on it. Good luck to all!