Question: The new series of commercials for Six Flags is causing quite a debate. Just who is portraying the dancing senior citizen? My girlfriend thinks it is Dana Carvey, while I'm leaning towards Jamie Kennedy. Do you have any idea who it is, or can you at least venture a guess? Your opinion is highly valued. — Brian, N.J.

Televisionary: Thanks for the kind words, Brian. I hope you still feel the same way after I tell you that aside from telling you the character's name is Mr. Six, I have no earthly idea who's playing him.

And that's the way the Six Flags folks like it, since it's getting people like you talking and, they hope, going to their parks. "It is a mystery," a company spokeswoman told me. "It's been in just about every paper in the country at this point. There's been speculation that it's Paris Hilton or [Uncle] Junior from The Sopranos. A TV station said they had it on very good authority that Mr. Six was a 30-year-old woman from San Antonio. He's our brand icon, the spirit of Six Flags and is representing the company. But I can tell you that it's definitely a man."

If you're looking to figure it out in person and don't mind springing for a plane ticket, by the way, Mr. Six will be appearing at Six Flags Great America in Chicago on July 9. He'll probably be hitting some other Six Flags parks around the country later this summer, too, but nothing specific's been scheduled yet.