Question: Do you know what the new CSI: New York will be about? I love the original so much I cannot wait to see the new one. — Melinda, Omaha, Neb.

Televisionary: Uh... dead people? (OK, I'm being a wiseacre; but I guess you weren't among the 24.1 million fans who caught the preview on CSI: Miami, huh?)

Anyway, Gary Sinise stars as Det. Mac Taylor and Providence alum Melina Kanakaredes is his partner, Stella Bonasera. Both are driven and all-business since if they weren't it wouldn't be CSI. They head up a team of cops that includes a good-looking Brooklyn native (Carmine Giovinazzo), a surgeon-turned-coroner (Hill Harper) and an investigator touted for her chameleon-like abilities (Vanessa Ferlito).