Question: Hello, Televisionary! You know, The Avengers remains one of my Top 10 programs of all time. But believe it or not, I have a non-Avengers question about Diana Rigg. Can you tell me about her short-lived American sitcom from the early '70s? — Barry B., Seattle, Wash.

Televisionary: That I can, Barry. (And you're not alone, by the way; one of the higher-ups in the office here lives and breathes all things Avengers.)

You're thinking of Diana — yeah, network execs knocked themselves out for original character/series names back then, too — a sitcom that ran on NBC from September 1973 to January of the following year. Rigg starred alongside, among others, Barbara Barrie (Barney Miller) and Richard Mulligan (Soap).

On the show, Rigg played a Brit divorc&#233e who moved to New York to relaunch her life. She took a job at a department store and cavorted with coworkers and pals who included a model (Carol Androsky), a writer/office mate, a window dresser and a mystery-writer bud (Mulligan).

Only, as you pointed out, not for long.