Question: No, no, no! Showtime can't cancel Dead Like Me! Might another network pick it up? — Joseph T. Sustrik

Ausiello: It's a good question, and one I posed to MGM's television president Hank Cohen over the phone yesterday. "We are exploring every opportunity and option that we have available to us," he told me. "It's a terrific show and, contrary to what [Showtime president Robert Greenblatt] told Variety [on Tuesday], our producers don't feel like we've even begun to explore all of the Reaper opportunities that we have. We have a very, very loyal fan base and I'm going to do everything I can for these fans to make sure the show lives on. The irony of all this is that Dead Like Me is a metaphor for second chances, and we're hopefully going to find one." Cohen expects a final decision will be made within 45 days, which, according to my calculations, is plenty of time to mount a massive letter-writing campaign.