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Quantico Boss on That Bloody Ending: "[SPOILER] Is Dead"

Plus: What does Harry really want?

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Monday's episode of Quantico. Read at your own risk.]

You gain one, you lose one.

Harry (Russell Tovey) joins the task force on Monday's Quantico -- after helping out with a fake news case that filled in the "government" pillar -- but Leon (Aaron Diaz) definitely won't have the chance. Because he's dead!

Yup, whoever kidnapped Leon has left him bleeding out in a bathtub. RIP, Leon. We hardly knew what the hell happened to you in that Mexican prison. But, as we previously reported, Leon won't be the only one in danger - and probably won't be the only casualty we'll see.

Elsewhere, Shelby (Johanna Braddy) and Clay (Hunter Parrish) make amends, while Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) leaks the Sean Gregory intel to Sasha (Karolina Wydra) in exchange for her killing the exposé on him -- and he's going to thank her by taking her to dinner.

Will Alex (Priyanka Chopra) find out? And who killed Leon? Creator Joshua Safran gives us the scoop below.
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Is Leon really dead?
Joshua Safran:
Leon is dead. He is dead. It's not somebody else's body in [the bathtub]. He is no more.

Are his kidnappers in cahoots with the shadow group at large?
They may be! I can't say that! That's too much of a spoiler.

Alex and Dayana (Pearl Thusi) dismissed Leon's concerns that someone was after them and wanted to kill them. How guilt-ridden will they feel when they find out he's dead?
There is some of that. I don't want to say how or when that happens, but there are some other developments. But certainly they were the last people to talk to him and told him to drop it.

Harry joins the task force, but there's still a sense that that's not what he really wants.
It comes to a head in [Episode] 16. Harry is still Harry and he does his own thing, but he's been kind of lost since the G20. Is this [task force] the right thing for him? Alex wants him there and she's trying to help him, but he has to decide for himself if he wants this.

Owen (Blair Underwood) is a subordinate now to Clay and they have a conversation about the power struggle. How do they relate to one another going forward?
Safran: For Owen, he was sidelined by the CIA years ago and he became a teacher. And now in the back half of the season, he's able to become an operative and the question is, Is he a better teacher or a better operative? Clay is basically the teacher and Owen is the operative, and I think the question for Clay is, Is Clay a good enough teacher? That's not a question that's going to be answered and we move on from. They still get into that as we move forward.



Giovanni Rufino, ABC

Clay and Shelby are on better terms now, but there's this sexual tension between them. He's engaged. She pretended Leon was her boyfriend to lie to him. Is that a road you're going to go down?
Johanna's joke is that Shelby's Goldilocks and she's looking for the Haas that's just right. I think that Clay is probably the best one for her out of that family, but the fact that he's from that family -- Shelby could never do that. They're kind of like an unrequited connection. In [Episode] 16, we introduce Clay's fiancée, played by my good friend Krysta Rodriguez ... and you'll see what she's like, what their relationship is like.

You can't have her go through the entire Haas family.
[Laughs] We were joking we were going to have her end up with Claire (Marcia Cross). I think Caleb makes the joke that she's going to end up with Claire in a later episode. It's definitely hard for her because if she had met Clay first, I think they'd be the happiest love story of all time.

Ryan leaks the Sean Gregory stuff to Sasha to save his own ass. That can't turn out well.
Once the story is out, obviously everyone knows there's a leak. I'll just say it's not going to be dragged out.

Ryan and Alex have a talk about their relationship and then minutes later Ryan basically asks Sasha out on a date. How is that going to develop?
There's a lot of them in 16. ... Some of it is [tied to] the leak. It's an interesting relationship because they each want something from each other but there's definitely an attraction there.

Quantico airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.