Wentworth Miller by Michael Lavine/Fox Wentworth Miller by Michael Lavine/Fox

Paris Hilton, call your agent. Fox has ordered a script for a distaff Prison Break called Prison Break: Cherry Hill (yes, really). Penned by PB exec producers Matt Olmstead and Zac Estrin, the spin-off would focus on Molly, an as-yet-uncast character to be introduced this season on the mother ship. According to the Reporter, having suffered a family tragedy at the hands of The Company, upper-middle-class housewife Molly will seek out Michael at Sona for tips on exacting revenge. Ultimately, Molly is locked up for a life sentence only to learn that her "dead" loved ones are in fact alive. Cue escape plan. (The truly scary thing? One of her cell mates is nicknamed T-Bag.)

If Cherry Hill doesn't gain any traction, Molly would continue on as a Prison Break character, perhaps as a love interest for Michael (meaning, she shouldn't invest in any necklaces).

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