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Pretty Little Liars' Final Season Will Answer Every Question — Except One

Get ready for the final season!

Megan Vick

There are still three months left before the final season of Pretty Little Liars continues, but we got a sneak peak of what's coming in the last batch of episodes during the Television Critics Association winter previews on Tuesday morning.

Executive producers I. Marlene King, Joseph Dougherty, Oliver Goldstick and Charlie Craig were joined by cast members Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and Sasha Pieterse to tease what's coming up and how everything will tie together. Their first promise is that all questions will be answered -- except for how the moms got out of the basement at the end of Season 5. That will remain a mystery of the universe forever.

While a lot of those answers will reveal themselves when the show returns, here's everything new we learned today.


Pretty Little Liars

1. A new scene

In a tantalizing new scene from the final season premiere, A.D. had a special box delivered to the girls (including an up and walking Spencer!) -- forcing them to reckon with the idea that Noel (Brant Daughtery) and Jenna (Tammin Sursok) might not be A.D. like they thought.

More importantly, the girls have to find out what's inside. The scene cut off before press could see what was inside, but later King revealed that the box contains the most deadly game the girls have ever had to play. It's a board game created by A.D. that will bring the Liars' bond the closest it has ever been to shattering.

2. Guest stars

King confirmed that the show was able to get back every single person that they wanted for the final season of the show. Some even "begged their other show producers and other networks" to make it work, which makes very possible that Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) will be appearing in the final 10 episodes. She sparingly appeared in the first half of Season 7 due to her commitment to Chicago Med.

3. A time jump and a musical number

The final 10 episodes will not only include a musical number (which has never happened on the show before) and a one-year time jump, but we'll finally find out who is under A.D.'s hood.

4. A DiLaurentis history lesson

It's time to learn a lot more about Rosewood's most mysterious family, and those secrets will be an integral part in Alison's redemption by the end of the season. "[Alison] really does evolve," explained executive producer Joseph Dougherty.

"There is a redemptive quality because I think they recognize what she's been through. There's so much more insight into her family in these last 10 episodes. We'll learn a lot more about the DiLaurentises so a lot of Allison's behavior will become, if not forgivable, comprehensible."
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5. Your favorite ships are probably, but not definitely, safe

Of course, a central part of the final 10 episode will be the endgame couples of the series. While many of our favorite couples were apart after the five-year time jump, some of the signature ships of the show have started to find their way back to each other.

"I think our fans, as much as they've enjoyed the mystery of the show, they've enjoyed the romance as well," King said. "The couples who are meant to be together will find their way back together."

However, King's cohort Oliver Goldstick says the path to romantic bliss won't be an easy one. "There's some surprises," he teased. "I don't want to say it's all completely laid out"

Pretty Little Liars will kick off its final 10 episodes on April 18 at 8/7c on Freeform.