Maya Rudolph by Dana Edelson/NBC Universal Photo Maya Rudolph by Dana Edelson/NBC Universal Photo

Well, isn't this embarrassing.

Less than a week after I reported that Maya Rudolph had re-upped with Saturday Night Live - an item that was confirmed by well-placed insiders both within NBC and Rudolph's camp - those same sources now confirm that the funny lady abruptly changed her mind and is now not returning to the show. Rudolph notified NBC of her about-face late yesterday - just five days before SNL's 33rd season premiere.

What the frak happened? No one (save for Maya herself) knows for sure, although a Peacock source says it was a "personal, family-based decision" and had nothing to do with money or screen time.

Even more depressing than me getting plastered with egg on my face is the harsh reality that SNL is down to just two female knee-slappers: Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig.