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Power: Will [Spoiler] and Tommy Find Romance?

The stars tease a potential relationship

Keisha Hatchett

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Season 4 premiere. Read at your own risk.

Powerwasted no time in revealing LaKeisha's (La La Anthony) fate during Sunday night's heart-pumping premiere.

The last time we saw her, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) paid a visit to her beauty salon after receiving the order from Milan (Callan Mulvey) to take her out in the end of Season 3, and LaKeisha's fate was left up in the air. At the top of the the Season 4 premiere, however, we find out that he ignored the request to murder his childhood friend, choosing to spare her life instead.

"Tommy is very loyal to anybody from the neighborhood," Sikora told TVGuide.com when asked why his character decided to save LaKeisha. "[She's] somebody he knows very well and somebody he admires."

In a shocking twist, we also learned that they've been hooking up behind Natasha's (Naturi Naughton) back! Who saw that one coming? Plus, after what went down with Holly, it's pretty clear that romance and Tommy don't mix well together.

"Any time you're in some kind of relationship with Tommy, there's gonna be all kinds of craziness and twists and turns," said Anthony. Especially when Natasha eventually finds out.

"She recognizes the danger," Naughton added, "Because she knows LaKeisha really needs support. She needs consistency and [she] knows how Tommy can be a lil' in and out, so [she's] a little worried."

Power airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.