Padma Lakshmi Padma Lakshmi

She may not be gracing the pages of Playboy completely nude, but Padma Lakshmi still makes quite the impression in the December issue in a lacy negligee.

The Top Chef host explains how she has managed to stay while working on a show where eating decadent food is a job requirement. "My digestive tract is ironclad and can really take a beating," she says in the issue. "Having been a model for 15 years, I also know a thing or two about how to dress if I've put on a few pounds. And I usually gain between 10 and 15 pounds over six weeks each season. Then I spend 12 weeks working it off."

Everyone is posing nude!

But the article isn't all about food. Lakshmi also talks about what makes for good sex. "Sex is good when the attraction is good," she says. "It's not a technical skill. If my mind is engaged, my body will follow."

To find out why Lakshmi says she's like "a truck driver" and what dish every man should know how to cook, pick up the December issue of Playboy.