As evidenced by the season opener, Peter Krause says Dirty Sexy Money will "live up to the title this season more so than last." Though ABC was concerned about the characters being nice and likeable, he argues, "You can't make a high-stakes primetime soap with people getting stabbed in the back."

In a new video, Krause goes on to ponder Letitia Darling's arrest ("Nick is more suspicious of someone else"), the prospect of Nick defending his own father's killer (at the 2:25 mark), and the possibility that Simon has a hand in this latest wrinkle (3:00).

As for things being "OK" with his alter ego's marriage, Krause counters that Nick and Lisa "are on pretty shaky ground" (3:25), adding that Karen (and her considerable charms) might not be the only female interloper to worry about!

Watch the Krause video here.