And they sound a lot like me! On Tuesday they nominated my favorite comedy, Scrubs, for a People's Choice Award. What's more, series star Zach Braff was given nods for Favorite Male TV Star and Favorite Leading Man (for his film Garden State). In addition to other, more predictable kudos — runaway hits Desperate Housewives and Lost are up for Favorite New TV Drama — there were a couple of shocks: Not only will Eminem and Josh Groban go head-to-head for Favorite Male Singer, but among the Favorite New TV Comedy nominees are Father of the Pride and Quintuplets. (Can it be true? People really are responding to Quintuplets?! Favorably?) And major props to the People for finally nominating Gilmore Girls (Favorite TV Drama) and the incomparable Lauren Graham (Favorite Female TV Star). The winners will be announced Jan. 9 on CBS. Meanwhile, don't forget to vote in TV Guide's Greatest Moments 2004 poll. All the cool kids are doing it.