OK, secret-confession time: I love these cheesy movie-of-the-week disaster films. Hey, there are plenty of people who watch Lifetime movies ad nauseum  this is my guilty pleasure. I know what I'm getting, and that way my expectations are low and I'm not easily disappointed. I had a good laugh during Lucy Lawless' Locusts and was hoping for more of the same with Vampire Bats. It delivered with its unrealistic special effects, pretty pre-hurricane New Orleans scenery, poorly written dialogue and predictable plot. Completely awful, but totally chuckle-worthy. Come on, that girl frothing at the mouth from rabies? Really? I was annoyed that it began over a half an hour late. I get that there was football and all, but after 11 at night my attention span begins to wane, and trying to stay awake for the ultimate climactic showdown with the bad guys and the bats was a little bit taxing at 11:30. But the delay did give me the opportunity to watch a half-hour of a really moving Cold Case about civil rights issues. Touching and well handled, a little hard to handle emotionally, but wonderful. Every time I tune in to this show, I am amazed at the seamless transitions between the past and the present. Kudos to their casting agent.