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On Friday's midseason finale of Nikita (8/7c, The CW), Owen greets Nikita in the morning with a breakfast he cooked himself. The only problem with this cozy setup? Michael is supposed to be the man in Nikita's life, not Owen.

"One of my story ideas I told the writers is when Owen comes back, I need him to do things that Michael never does for [Nikita]," Maggie Q told reporters during a lunch in West Hollywood on Thursday. "There's this lovely scene where she wakes up and she walks in, and Owen's made breakfast for her. And he's like, 'So, when I was detoxing I learned how to cook and it was really amazing.' She says, 'This is good. This is actually good. You can cook!' And Owen, in his innocent way, says, 'What does Michael make for you?'"

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Sadly, Michael (Shane West) doesn't cook Nikita (Maggie Q) anything. Their relationship isn't really about that. "She doesn't have anything to say. She's kind of shell-shocked," said Q. "The reality is they don't make that time for each other ... Michael doesn't take her to dinner, Michael doesn't make a bath for her because it's all work all the time."

Uh oh! This isn't looking good for "Mikita" fans, especially considering Nikita and Owen (Devon Sawa) seem to be on the same page about most things. "I think Owen's always been the guy who's asked her the right questions and thus allowed her to emote," said the actress. "Also, Owen has said in earlier episode ... that he also wants out [of this lifestyle], which is something that Nikita wants too. He said to Michael, 'You're crazy. You have her, and yet you're still on the run and doing this? Don't do it, dude. Leave.'"

Ah, but in a way, Michael has already left — not the lifestyle, but Nikita when he chose to stay with Cassandra (Helena Mattson) — whom Q affectionately calls "Blondie Blondie" — and the son he only recently learned that he fathered. He doesn't exactly have room to disapprove when he finds Nikita and Owen playing house together. "I don't think the problem is going to go away immediately. They're going to come back — Blondie Blondie and little boy," said Q. "There's going to be some stuff that happens that's going to tie in Nikita's feelings about her own family and what happened to her. It's going to be nice and healing.

Even if Michael returns though, he and Nikita will have to work on their relationship. "It takes a while for a woman to forget," Q said. "Nikita's still hoping it will work, but I think that because she's so afraid of losing him, she still hasn't dealt with her feelings of like, 'Well, you didn't come back with me. You stayed there.' I think that's one thing that hurts them a little. As a woman, it's like, 'I don't want you to choose me because [the other situation] can't work out. I want you to choose me because you want to.'"

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There's still hope for "Mikita" fans though. According to Q, not only will we learn that "Cassandra is not as sweetness and light as you might think" (besides that whole being a spy thing of course), but Nikita will also uncover Owen's secret: he's working for Gogol. "She confronts him about that in the episode too, which is very funny because you get to see Nikita mad," said Q. "And not just like stoic mad, but like, 'WTF! Owen, dude, what are you doing? This is the organization that wants me dead and now you're being BFFs with Ari?'"

In the end, despite what may fall out in the midseason finale, Q wants fans to sit tight. "I think the Michael and Nikita's love is everlasting," she said.

Check out what else is in store for Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) in Friday's episode, "Guardians," airing 8/7c on The CW):

Do you think Michael and Nikita can work it out? Or do you think Owen deserves a chance?