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Put away your firearms, Mikita 'shippers. The return of Owen on Thursday's Nikita won't necessarily doom Michael and Nikita's recent relationship breakthrough.

"I don't think there's a Nikita-Owen love thing going on, not in this episode," Devon Sawa tells "Owen's head is too cloudy, too foggy to even think about that kind of thing right now. So unless my character returns, Mikita is a safe thing."

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Tell that to the perpetually scowling Michael (Shane West), who breaks out a special scowl just for Owen (Sawa) when the former Division operative swings by Nikita's pad (which has been seeing lots of action lately) unannounced. Jealous much? Probably, but Sawa thinks there may be more to the prickly interaction between the two men.

"Owen is a little cheeky with Michael in that scene," Sawa acknowledges. "I've been playing it like Owen and Michael have some sort of past. Something really happened back in the day. Was it bad? I don't know."

It couldn't be much worse than what we already know. Before donning the rogue spandex like Nikita (Maggie Q), Owen was one of Division's Cleaners and dispatched pesky civilians, including Nikita's lover Daniel. He later had a change of heart when an agent killed his girlfriend. "He really feels bad about what he did, how he was a machine in Division," Sawa says. "He had put all his human feelings aside and did what he was told to do. Now he's obsessed with making up for it and needs Nikita's help."

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The best way to get back at Division is to target one of their black boxes, and Owen has tracked one down in London. The catch: It's protected by a deadly Guardian played by martial artist and action star Ray Park, aka Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace. "I was nervous to meet him. He's Darth Maul!" Sawa says. "He was in G.I. Joe and X-Men. He's the top action guy, so I was a tad nervous doing these fight scenes with him."

Their first confrontation takes place on a busy London street. Sawa says, "It was cold and wet and a long shoot, but it was worth it. The scene is phenomenal." Here's a peek:

After playing in traffic, they exchange blows in a church, which presented unusual challenges. "It was shot in a real church, so we tried to keep the swearing to a minimum in there," Sawa says. "We learned the actual stunt in a large room and then when we got to set, we hadn't thought about this narrow path between the rows of pews, so we were constantly watching our heads and our elbows and our feet from not getting hit."

Sawa didn't emerge unscathed, although he's proud of his one battle injury, courtesy of Park. "I whacked my head pretty good in the church," he says. "I had to take a five-minute sitdown. It was at the end where I throw in the triangle choke, and he lifts me and slams me. I think my head actually bounced off the ground."

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The actor jokes that every time he goes to his mixed-martial-arts gym, he brags about the throwdown. "That's the first thing I talk about, my epic fight with Darth Maul. My grandchildren will hear that story over and over again. They won't even know who Darth Maul is, but I'll show them YouTube clips. My tombstone will read, 'I triangle-choked Darth Maul.'"

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