Nicole Richie by Lester Cohen/ Nicole Richie by Lester Cohen/

She's such a copycat! TMZ reports that the affluent Ms. Richie will do her four days' time at Lynwood jail, her Simple Life costar's home away from home for 23 earth-rattling days. The momster-to-be could have done her time at a private facility, but if she'd chosen to do so, she would have had to serve her entire sentence - all four days... in a row! By going to Lynwood, she could get sprung by the sheriff as a result of overcrowding and what passes for good behavior before she's even had a chance to reject her first meal.

In related "news," dad Lionel Richie tells Us magazine, "In spite of what has happened, I continue to love her and cherish our relationship." And here I wasn't aware that they actually had a relationship. He goes on to take what I assume is a pot shot at La Hilton: "[Nicole] has not blamed others for her problems and is growing up very quickly, albeit in the heat of the media spotlight." Yeah, poor thing.