On Monday, Feb. 18, a fresh crop of Pussycat Doll wannabes will compete in the season premiere of Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious (9 pm/ET, CW). And at the start of its second season, this year's roster of 15 hopefuls looks hotter - and younger - than ever.

Among the first 15 to sing, dance and sass it up are four 18-year-olds, three 19-year-olds and a few more ladies who are over the hill, at ages ranging from 20 to 25. From the 18-year-old set is Megan, hailing from Sunset, Louisiana,who has musical tastes varying from soulful soft rocker Jack Johnson to Britney Spears (but only her "early days," Megan is careful to note). From Washington D.C. is 20-year-old Charlotte, who also has eclectic tastes, with faves including Billie Holiday and Bjork.

And of course, PCD creator Robin Antin will be there to hand-pick the next ensemble member, along with Geffen records chairman Ron Fair and Lil' Kim - who may have the most sass of them all. - Anna Dimond