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Never Have I Ever Star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan's Weighs in on That Love Triangle Cliffhanger

Shout out to Team Devi only

Krutika Mallikarjuna

Never Have I Have, Mindy Kaling's new coming-of-age comedy on Netflix, has all the hallmarks of a legendary teen show. The series follows a young Indian-American high school sophomore named Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) as she juggles academics, boys, best friends, and a family trying to heal after the sudden death of her father. The emotionally gutting finale brought the first season to cathartic close except for one major question: After Devi kissed both her gorgeous high school crush Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet) and her nemesis-turned-frenemy Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison), who did she really want to date?

No plans have been announced yet for a Season 2, but Ramakrishnan already has the best take on how 2020's most touching love triangle should move forward. "Well, number one, I love both Ben and Paxton because there's so much depth to them," said Ramakrishnan in an interview with TV Guide. "Paxton especially, he's not just a hot jock. He has emotions that run deep, which is really cool. Throughout the whole series, you see him get upset, hurt, whenever somebody insults his intelligence. Then Ben, of course -- we have a whole episode about Ben's sad boy life and how he's the loneliest boy in the world. Geez. God. Okay, I guess you're not that much of a douchebag; whatever."

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But despite two amazing suitors, Ramakrishnan is adamantly Team Devi. "I'm Team Devi -- Devi herself -- because I truly hope that no matter who she ends with, she learns how to love herself." Ramakrishan added that she hopes self-love becomes an ongoing conversation in the series if Never Have I Ever gets a second season.

"That's not something only high school kids can relate to. Everybody can relate to it. Not enough people love themselves and it's really sad," said Ramakrishnan. "You're stuck with yourself from the moment you are born to the day you die, and you are the only person who will 100 percent always have your own back. If you are not your own best friend, you are seriously missing out on the relationship that matters the most; the one with yourself. That's what I want for Devi. I want her to love herself."

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Keep spitting those facts sis! We can only hope Netflix is paying attention and greenlights Ramakrishnan's beautiful vision for Season 2 soon. In the meantime, might as well go back to the beginning of Season 1 to watch these slow burn romances blossom all over again.

Never Have I Ever is now streaming on Netflix.