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Netflix Is Removing Futurama and Fans Are NOT Having It

"If you cancel Futurama, we'll cancel you"

Sadie Gennis

"If you cancel Futurama, we'll cancel you, Netflix!"

That's the title of a new Change.org petition created in the hopes of making the streaming service reverse their decision to remove Futurama from their listings on July 1.

When you watch a pre-Season 6 episode of Futurama on Netflix, viewers are given the warning: "This season is available until July 1." On Monday, Reddit user BigShowSJG posted the news on a Futurama subreddit, trying to rally the fandom into action. "Apparently FOX pulled the license for Futurama. Which means officially everything after the movies will be staying on Netflix for now, and everything before and including movies will be removed July 1st," the user wrote.

Of course, as one user pointed out, the problem doesn't just lie in Netflix, but with 20th Century Fox, which holds the license to Futurama -- not that that mattered to many fans, who expressed their dissatisfaction with Netflix on Twitter.

Fans were similarly upset when Netflix removed Bob's Burgers in May and Buffy and The X-Files in April, but sadly, their efforts proved to be for naught. But at least we'll always have these great tweets.