Regina King by Rebecca Sapp/ Regina King by Rebecca Sapp/
John Wells the mighty force behind

The West Wing and ER has cast his new LAPD project with Regina King, Kevin Alejandro and Michael McGrady for NBC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, King will play Lydia, a smart, sympathetic detective in the Hollywood division. Alejandro will play Nate, a happily married detective with several kids, and McGrady will play a detective who deals primarily with gang-related crimes and is obsessed with his family's safety. All that's missing is the wise-cracking "goofball" character, but it's still early in the casting process. What's Justin Long up to these days? And for all you The O.C. fans out there, stay tuned, because Benjamin McKenzie is also in talks to star in LAPD. Ladies, start your fangirl engines! - Erin Fox Related " Wells Finds LAPD Arresting