Gillian Anderson and Rachael Taylor Gillian Anderson and Rachael Taylor

The X Files' Gillian Anderson and 666 Park Avenue's Rachael Taylor have joined the cast of NBC's untitled Rand Ravich pilot, has learned.

In the drama, Washington power players find themselves blackmailed into an international conspiracy by an unlikely puppeteer. The FBI and a rookie Secret Service agent must unravel the mystery.

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Taylor, whose other credits include Grey's Anatomy and Charlie's Angels, will play Agent Susie Dunn, the FBI's point person on the blackmail case. To help solve mystery, she has to reestablish ties with her estranged sister Meg (Anderson, who will next appear on Hannibal), the CEO of a multi-conglomerate with whom Susie shares a closely kept secret that explains their long alienation.

Life's Ravich will write and executive-produce the project with Far Shariat. As previously announced, Stevie Lynn Jones will also star.