50 Cent by Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com 50 Cent by Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

MTV on Thursday announced its roster of new summer and fall shows, which will include a mix of reality, competition, music and issue-oriented series. The net's biggest celeb pairing of the season may be with Curtis " 50 Cent" Jackson for an Apprentice-meets- Real-World type of combo, where 16 contestants compete for a scholarship to a graduate or undergraduate business program - ostensibly so that they can become a mega-mogul like 50.

The Untitled 50 Cent Project, however, is just one of several newbies hitting MTV airwaves in the months to come. The others include:

Buzzin: A reality series following the paths of music artists Shwayze (apparently self-described as "the only black kid in Malibu") and his BFF, Cisco Adler. Sounds like: Making the Band meets The Hills.

Busted: Sounds like Cops meets Juvies. Need we say more?

Baby Dolls: A half-hour, doc-style scripted comedy about celebrity worship, from the perspective of an assistant to a rising Hollywood starlet. Sounds like: The Devil Wears Prada meets Dirt.

Teen Dream: Top Model producers team up with MTV to find the next big thing. Only catch? Everyone has a momager. Sounds like: Top Model meets American Idol meets I Know My Kid's a Star.

Hollarado: Up-and-coming skater William Spencer and his crazy crew of friends hang out, bust big airs and try to make rent. Cool rumor: Spence and his big airs were discovered on YouTube. Sounds like: Life of Ryan meets Life of Ryan without wealthy parents and huge sponsors.

16 and Pregnant: Sounds like a self-explanatory, single-issue True Life. - Anna Dimond

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