Mr. Robot anticipated bad actors influencing the American democratic system the year before it actually happened. The tagline for the conspiratorial techno-thriller's first season in the summer of 2015 was "Our democracy has been hacked," and then a year later our democracy really was hacked.

That's the biggest event Mr. Robot predicted, and the most famous instance of the show's powers of prognostication, but it's far from the only time art mirrored life on the ripped-from-the-headlines (of 2015) show. So on the red carpet at the world premiere of the fourth and final season, TV Guide had series stars Martin Wallström, BD Wong, Gloria Reuben, Ashlie Atkinson, and Michael Cristofer guess whether a particular news story happened before or after a similar thing happened on Mr. Robot.

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BD Wong, <em>Mr. Robot</em>BD Wong, Mr. Robot