Alias villainess Lena Olin seems to be taking her role as

Jennifer Garner's absentee mom, Irina Derevko, a little too literally. As reported in the new issue of TV Guide magazine, the actress nixed a deal to return this season despite the fact that, as a source close to the negotiations puts it, "every single one of her demands were met by ABC and the producers." Among her initial requests: "Sharon Stone-type money," says an insider, referring to the unprecedented $100,000-per-episode salary the Basic Instinct star reportedly pulled in for her recent Practice stint. ABC declined to comment, as did Olin's camp, but Alias exec producer J.J. Abrams is holding out hope that Olin will be back. "[Irina] remains a critical piece of the puzzle." Albeit an expensive one. For more "TV News" scoop — including exclusive dish on Las Vegas and Malcolm in the Middle — pick up the new issue of TV Guide, on sale Monday.