Modern Men Is Modern Men the worst sitcom pilot I've ever seen? Well, let's just say it's the worst one I've ever been forced to sit through from beginning to end (damn you, Watercooler god, aka my boss). Three antithetical, childhood buddies with female troubles  Mr. Nice Guy Tim (

Josh Braaten), Likable Loser Doug (Eric Lively) and Supposed Stud Kyle (Max "why-the-hell-did-I-let-my-agent convince-me-to-quit-Veronica-Mars-for-this-gig?" Greenfield, whose lovable lothario routine is about as appealing as Eric Balfour's over on Conviction)   enlist the help of gorgeous life coach Dr. Stangel (Jane Seymour, who should have stuck to Dr. Quinn. Although she still looks hot!). These poor boys are almost 30 and they have yet to meet their soul mates. Waaaahhhh! Throw in a veteran supporting cast, including Marla Sokoloff as Tim's vaguely feminist law student sis and Norm!, I mean George Wendt, as Tim's vaguely sexist pop, and a manic laugh track, and what have you got? Another show with absolutely no bearing on reality. (But what did I expect? Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer.) Tim lives in one of those breathtaking lofts that only exist on studio backlots (definitely not in the Windy City, where the show is set).... It has exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and an indoor basketball hoop. And all three guys bed an unbelievable bevy of babes. Unless they have the Heidi Fleiss' successor on speed-dial, I don't buy it. It was mildly amusing to see Wendt running his own bar  no more worrying about paying those tabs. But with punch lines like "I don't know why she broke up with me. We had a great date. We made salads and watched Runaway Bride. I pretended to like it." Or "Kyle, you sleep with 22-year-olds." "Hey, that last one had an old soul," I kept thanking my lucky stars that I'm married and don't live in Chicago... or Hollywood, for that matter.