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The Modern Family clan may soon lose one of its members, with Hayley possibly heading off to college by the season finale.

You know what that means? Bonding time, which the Dunphy and Pritchett families will seek when they head to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. But based on the spoilers the cast dished out on the red carpet prior to the ABC comedy's PaleyFest event, moderated by Variety's Cynthia Littleton, it seems like even Mickey Mouse won't be able to keep the family's spirits high. Find out what's in store below:

1. Disneyland's not the happiest place on Earth: Not even perpetually happy Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) is ecstatic at the Magic Kingdom. "Phil flips out and wants to go on all the rollercoasters, but then he gets sick and basically realizes that he's too old," Burrell says. "It becomes a bigger episode about his age, and not being able to do stuff." On the opposite side of the age spectrum, Manny (Rico Rodriguez) will finally learn how to be a kid at Disneyland.

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2. Dylan returns! Dylan (Reid Ewing) will be back in the Disneyland episode, but he'll have some competition. In order to keep Hayley (Sarah Hyland) away from her former flame, Claire (Julie Bowen) will attempt to set her up with a new guy (Hyland's real-life boyfriend Matt Prokop), whom Hayley finds boring. "Hayley sees Dylan and doesn't want the new boy, so Alex gets the new boy," Ariel Winter teases. "But the new guy goes back for Hayley, so neither of us get new boys. So Disneyland, for Alex, is wah-wah."

3. Bonding time: With Hayley possibly heading off to college by the end of the season, Phil realizes he needs to cherish every moment with his kids. "Phil is trying to create a special memory for him and Alex because he's had one with the other kids, but not with her," Winter says. "He takes her out to this weird place hours away, and she ends up getting sick. It's not a fun memory, but she has fun seeing that her dad cares about her so much that he wanted to create something like that for her."

4. Sneaky Luke: Though Luke (Nolan Gould) has turned into an evil genius in many ways (see also: squirt gun studying), we'll see a softer side to him in the final episodes because of Hayley's possible departure. "Luke is really sad that his sister is going away," Gould says. "He actually hides the mail from her that says she gets into college because he doesn't want her to go."

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5. Scared silly: Luke won't be the only one worried about Hayley. Her parents will attempt to scare Haley into staying in line. "In the last episode, we have a really fun scene where we try and do one of those Scared Straight talks to Hayley because she's threatening to mess up her life," Bowen says. "It was one of the more fun things I've ever gotten to do on set because it was absolutely absurd."

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