Scott Foley and Mira Sorvino, The Last Templar Scott Foley and Mira Sorvino, The Last Templar

Who needs a stunt double? Not Mira Sorvino in the new globetrotting, treasure-seeking NBC miniseries The Last Templar (Sunday , 9 pm/ET; Monday, 9 pm/ET). The Oscar-winner solved mysteries, kicked ass and definitely felt the pain.

"Five teeth. Five teeth were broken," Sorvino said about her on-set mishap while filming a violent boat scene. But she wasn't the only one suffering on the set.

"During the scene where she lost her or was banged in the teeth we had to have a kiss," costar Scott Foley said. "She had a cold at the time ... [and] that became my mishap. For about two weeks, [that] was maybe the worst cold/flu I've ever had."

All in the name of relic-hunting.

Following in Indiana Jones' and The DaVinci Code's similar footsteps and based on Raymond Khoury's 2005 novel of the same name, The Last Templar teams archaeologist Tess Chaykin (Sorvino) and FBI agent Sean Daley (Foley) as they journey around the world in pursuit of the lost secrets of the legendary medieval Knights Templar. Along the way, there are hidden treasures, ancient instruments, veiled horsemen and treacherous shipwrecks. "I think the idea of the desert sands still being something of an undiscovered country, a frontier as it were, with secrets hidden beneath them, secrets of the past, mystical secrets [still resonates with people]," Sorvino said.

Both admit they were not familiar with the source material — only hearing "smatterings of interesting rumors here and there," as Sorvino puts it — but couldn't wait to dive right in, especially when it came to the action sequences, despite the 100-plus Moroccan heat and, well, broken teeth.

"I trained for weeks in California," Sorvino said. "I ended up doing every single take with the wide and the close and the poor stunt double was standing around all day waiting to do it! ...I would love to do a sequel. That would be my ideal next step."