Ed Weeks and Mindy Kaling Ed Weeks and Mindy Kaling

Ed Weeks, who plays the smarmy gynecologist Jeremy on The Mindy Project, recently spoke to TVGuide.com, and now he has us rethinking our career choices! The actor dished about the familiar Dunder Mifflin faces popping up this season, what it's like working with Mindy Kaling and other general reasons to be jealous of his job. So why is The Mindy Project one of the best gigs ever?

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1. You get to hang out with Scrantonites
Weeks, who's a huge fan of The Office, is thrilled to see so many of Kaling's former co-stars making cameos this season. In addition to Ed Helms, who appeared in the pilot and will be returning later this season, the Brit also revealed that Ellie Kemper will show off a drastically different side of herself on the Fox comedy. "It's kind of a closely guarded plot point," Weeks said, "but let's just say it's a very explosive entrance she makes." Kaling's real life BFF (and ex-boyfriend) B.J. Novak will also turn up behind the camera to direct an episode.

2. Mindy Kaling sounds like the best boss ever It's no secret that Kaling is awesome. That opinion's been recycled so many times it's about as original as saying your favorite band is The Beatles or that The O.C. dropped off after Marissa died. Still, it never ceases to amaze that Kaling can keep up her people-pleasing attitude with her current workload (Kaling stars in, producers and writes Mindy). "She's on set 12 hours a day and in the writers' room 'til one o'clock in the morning. It's insane, but the thing about Mindy is, you'll never be able to tell. She's always fun," Weeks told TVGuide.com.

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But you better watch your mouth around Kaling or else some of your most shameful habits might end up on prime time! "I have a slightly embarrassing weakness for musicals for a heterosexual man, which they popped in [the show]," Weeks recalled. "So you've got to be careful with what you say to Mindy and the writers because it will end up in a script."3. It makes people think you're hotter than you are Before The Mindy Project, Weeks' career consisted of live comedy, stand-up and guest roles on British sitcoms most Americans have never heard of. Now, he's bona fide eye candy! "It's a weird thing for any actor to hear," Weeks admitted. "I'm not used to playing those sort of roles." Though Weeks did confess most fans probably aren't in love with him, so much as his nationality: "I think the accent is what a lot of people find attractive. If you take the accent away, I'm a very troll-like individual."4. Chris Messina isn't as scary as he might seem "Chris in real life is a million miles away from Danny Castellano," Weeks noted of Messina, who plays the most serious of Mindy's leading trio. But while Weeks was originally intimidated by the star, he soon learned Messina had a soft side to him as well. "He's very supportive. I feel like I can go to him, ask him questions and stuff," Weeks said. "It's like working alongside an amazing teacher, which is really great."

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5. Who can resist a sing-a-long?
In between takes, Weeks shared his habit of "[locking] myself in [Messina's] office and [playing] '80s songs on the keyboard. Occasionally, people will come in and sing along." As if it couldn't get any better, Weeks' favorite tune to play: "Africa" by Toto. "It's a classic," Weeks said. "Comedy intercut with '80s music. What could be better?"

6. Even sex addicts are welcome When discussing the fact that both he and Jeremy went to boarding school, Weeks noted, "Jeremy kind of uses it as an excuse for his slightly kind of lone wolf, sex addict ways. Whereas I would never use it as an excuse for that. I'm very proud of my lone wolf, sex addict ways."

And if you're looking for your own promiscuous lone wolf, Weeks had a helpful piece of advice to share: "Have low self-esteem and be available. I'm sure somebody like Jeremy will be along very soon to sweep you up."

If those reasons don't convince you that The Mindy Project is a great work environment, nothing will. So did Weeks make you want to switch careers?

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.