Melissa McCarthy Melissa McCarthy

Saturday Night Live and host Melissa McCarthy took on some timely issues by poking fun at North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and the recent firing of Rutgers' head basketball coach.

The cold open featured Jong-un (Bobby Moynihan) revealing that he was reversing the country's ban of gay marriage. He went on to explain that his decision was influence by his gay nephew — who he still had to execute.

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During her opening monologue, McCarthy, a gifted physical comedian, struggled to walk down the stage steps in ridiculously high heels, leaning against a chair, saying she should've tried them on. The remainder of the intro featured an out-of-breath McCarthy jokingly complaining about her lower half seizing up.<br>

Peter Dinklage shined in a cameo during Weekend Update where he and drunk uncle (Moynihan) dueted on Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."

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McCarthy also played a college basketball coach at the center of an investigation into footage that shows her throwing bricks at her players and forcing them to serve her meals, which she ends up throwing at them.

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