Stana Katic, Anna Torv, Cote de Pablo Stana Katic, Anna Torv, Cote de Pablo

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Since we didn't get a new episode of Castle this week, can I get some scoop instead? — Jackie
Been waiting to see what would happen when Martha Rodgers and Jim Beckett get in a room together? You'll get your chance during November sweeps! Unfortunately, the family affair happens on the same night Castle and Beckett are stranded without their phones while protecting a witness from the mob. "There's some tension because they've had the 'meet the folks' dinner and it hasn't gone particularly well," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. So, what's the problem? "It's about who Martha is versus who Jim is," Marlowe says. "It's a bit of oil and water."

Got any scoop on Fringe? — Jane
I've got good news and bad news about this Friday's episode, Jane. The good: There's a sweet reunion that will warm your heart. The bad: There's an emotional death that will drive you to rant on Twitter, like I may have done this afternoon. Can't tell you who for either, but I can tell you the good and bad news may be related.

Got any NCIS scoop about Ziva? — Kristen
In addition to a couple of "aw" moments with Tony during November sweeps — including Ziva reminiscing with her partner about her dead sister Talia — executive producer Gary Glasberg promises a "huge Ziva story" right after the holiday break in January. Although the precise details of the arc are still being hammered out, Glasberg confirms that "it's going to rock Vance's world" and it will feature the return of Michael Nouri as Ziva's father, Eli David. "What goes down affects everybody and propels us into [the season's next chapter]," Glasberg says. "I think it all sticks to the idea of knocking people down and picking them back up again, emotionally and psychologically."

So excited for The Governor to finally be introduced on The Walking Dead! —Jennie
As a huge fan of the comics, I was shocked by how different this Governor is from what we know. But being lulled into a false sense of security is exactly what the writers want — and it's also exactly what the Governor wants out of Andrea and Michonne, who will find themselves under his thumb in this Sunday's episode. But fans of the comics should note that while old Guvna's big secret in the comics wasn't exactly shown in his debut episode, there's something even more troubling he's hiding behind closed doors... if you catch my drift.

When are we likely to see Wo Fat again on Hawaii Five-0? — Bradley, via Twitter
He will next resurface in Episode 10, but, shockingly, he won't necessarily be coming after McGarrett or his mother. "He's a guy who was broken out of prison, who's had all his resources taken away," executive producer Peter Lenkov tells us. "He has to sort of rebuild himself — has to start from scratch. We're playing with how Wo Fat rises back to where he was before he was brought down. It's more about rebuilding his empire and less about his conflict with McGarrett."

So Kit's not Bloody Face on American Horror Story, right? — Clark
If we told you, then Ryan Murphy would have us committed. However, it is rather curious that the only seemingly sane person within the walls of Briarcliff trusts him. So does that make Grace insane to befriend him? "Maybe," Lizzie Brocheré tells us. "But at the same time, maybe she's the sane one and they're all totally insane to be judging someone when you don't even have a real trial yet." Her trust in Kit this week will work against her when she's thisclose to making a run for it.

I loved the Battle of the Sexes on Big Bang Theory! Anything more like that coming up? — Hunter
It's not exactly game night, but Raj and Wolowitz will go all Hardy Boys on us in the eighth episode when they notice that Sheldon always disappears at the same time every day for 20 minutes. "They become P.I.s and follow him around. It becomes this mystery of busting down the door of where he is," Simon Helberg tells us. The reveal is "quite a surprise" and will be "right in line with the bizarre world of Sheldon." Guesses?

Is Phoebe Tonkin going to get between my favorite Vampire Diaries couple, Tyler and Caroline? — Jonah
NATALIE: Fortunately for Team Forwood fans, Tonkin's character Haley has much more on her mind than hooking up with her old friend Tyler. "Haley isn't there to do anything bad or mess up anyone's relationship," Tonkin tells us. "Haley's a tomboy; she just likes hanging out with the guys!" So what is she coming to town for then? Adds Tonkin, "She's trying to find out some things about her past and there are people in Mystic Falls holding onto that information that she wants." Considering she's a fellow werewolf, those people better watch out!

I'm loving Nashville so far, but I have to know: Is Deacon going to choose Juliette over Rayna? — Amy
I'll just say this: Deacon makes his choice clear in the next episode — but he may have waited too long for anyone to truly benefit. In truth, both Rayna and Juliette will be distracted by family issues: Juliette is forced into closer quarters than she'd like with her junkie mother and Rayna will finally learn exactly why her father looks down on her career as country music's queen. (Hint: Rayna's mother probably inspired a few broken-hearted love songs in her day.)

I'm so glad Happy Endings is back! What can you offer? — Laurie
You won't be happy for long. I hate to break it to you, but there's a death this season. Yes, it's still a comedy, but there's fowl foul play going on and two of our Happy pals are at fault. And if you can't figure out who's going to take flight into the great beyond, then you're out of luck because I'm not squawking!

Sons of Anarchy has been so intense this season. Give me some more scoop! — Chad
Despite this week's cliff-hanger, next Tuesday's episode will slow things down a bit and put the pieces in motion for the final arc of the season. Jax will finally get all the intel he needs about Clay and the home invasions, but he also needs proof. For that, he'll be forced to call on a sometimes-unreliable ally. Meanwhile, another SAMCRO member finally comes clean about a huge secret he's been hiding. And although the person he tells is keeping mum, someone else who knows the truth is not.

When will Ben ever return to Pawnee on Parks and Recreation? — Sarah
He's planning to come back in this week's episode, but that won't exactly work out as planned. Now that the other campaign is coming to a close — yay, April and Andy will soon be reunited too! — Jennifer (Kathryn Hahn) will offer Ben a new job that could bring him even further away from his lady love! He'll make a decision that's surprisingly not scary for the show's Halloween outing.

Adam's Mega Rave: Thank you, Homeland, for finally getting Carrie and Brody back on the screen together. Every scene they share just crackles with chemistry and intensity.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Is anyone else constantly confused by Aiden's motives on Revenge? Get it together, buddy!

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