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I can't wait for True Blood to come back. Is Tara dead? Please say yes. I am so over her. — Denny
NATALIE: We literally can't answer this question, lest Alan Ball has us all staked. But we can tell you that the title of the season premiere is "Turn! Turn! Turn!" which is a song of Biblical extraction about profound change, like, say, dying, becoming a vampire or declaring your true sexuality. All three of these things will happen during this hour, but the question is: To whom? (Answer: Not all to the same person.)

Is NCIS getting new digs next year? — Jennifer, via Twitter
Not really, but the cleanup of the team that will be more significant, says executive producer Gary Glasberg "There are psychological ramifications that will carry over," he says, in particular Ducky's heart attack. "How will that affect his character as a medical examiner and his approach to dealing with the dead? How might it change him and the way he views things?" he asks.

How will Brenda handle the instatement of "The Johnson Rule" when The Closer returns? — Whitney
Although she's still bitter about it (wouldn't you be angry if your boss named a rule about what not to do after you?), she actually uses the new code to her advantage: She takes a reluctant-to-speak rape victim home with her in order to keep her out of a "hostile environment." The move also conveniently gives Brenda time to arrange a scenario in which the victim can identify her attacker. However, Brenda's continued coloring outside the lines will have further consequences. Let's just say Brenda's going to have a whole new level of oversight that she's not going to like.

Will the public still have suspicions that the president is a cheater on Scandal? — Jaime
Despite the vice president denouncing what Billy said, there will still be people who believe that the president not only had an affair, but also had a hand in the death of Amanda Tanner. Little does Fitz know that Cyrus was behind that little act. "Every president has little stains on their record and people whispering about those conspiracy theories," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says. "This will be part of that for Fitz's presidency."

So glad CSI: NY was renewed. But do you know if it's going to be a shortened season? — Melissa
Sources tell me that the show did receive a full-season pickup. But while that guarantees the show will be back for more than 13 episodes, the exact number of hours that will be produced hasn't been decided. Either way, star Gary Sinise is excited to further explore Mac's relationship with Christine. "Mac may [finally] be able to move on," he says. "Our writers have done a very good job of continuing to come up with interesting stories for us to play. ... I think our writers have a lot more stories in them."

I know it's early for Happy Endings scoop, but please tell me Penny still has a shot with Dave! I don't want him with Alex. — Samuel
Dave doesn't even know he's in a love triangle, so it may be a while before we'll see some more Penny action. "Dave is an idiot; he doesn't even really get that Penny likes him," Zachary Knighton concurs. As for how the group will deal with Alex and Dave being back together again, Adam Pally says that it may show a new side to the gang we haven't seen before. "I don't think the gang will be that thrown because they've lived with Alex and Dave as a couple for so long before they broke up, so I think that actually they'll be looking to go back to some of their old ways."

I would love a juicy Sons of Anarchy spoiler. — Dean
Get ready to meet Tig's other daughter, who, like her sister, is kind of a mess. She'll turn to dear old Dad when she is caught in a sexually compromising situation. Whatever problems she has, we imagine Tig will try to get her out of Charming ASAP. Why? After Tig unknowingly killed gangbanger Damon Pope's daughter in Season 4's finale, we think there's a certain eye-for-an-eye symmetry Tig might be eager to avoid.

I am still heartbroken that Hank and Evan went their separate ways last season on Royal Pains! How far after that night will Season 4 pick up? —Heather
The Season 4 premiere will start, literally, the day after the Lawson brothers' breakup, and, as fans saw in the final moments of the finale, Evan won't waste anytime replacing Hank. Opposites attract when Evan must hire two docs who could not be more different: the charismatic but too carefree Dr. Paul Van Dyke (Kyle Howard) and the brilliant yet awkward Dr. Jeremiah Sacani (Ben Shenkman). And just because he's no longer part of HankMed proper, don't expect Hank to put down that first aid kit anytime soon, especially when the season premiere ends with a dangerous and fiery cliff-hanger!

Got any scoop on Weeds? — Micah
Not only will Nancy live — duh — she'll also face one of her most difficult challenges to date: being a soccer mom! No, seriously, that's actually difficult when Nancy needs the social outcast of the team to be friends with Stevie, but he's a bit of a terror.

Is Henry going to survive being shot in the Psych cliff-hanger? — Bridget
I'd say it's a safe bet. Actually, I'd tell you to bet the house limit because I hear an upcoming episode will involve Henry and Juliet's stepfather Lloyd traveling to Mexico to settle one of Lloyd's gambling debts with a notorious Mexican crime lord. (Gus, Shawn and Juliet naturally give chase when they realize the pair is "missing.") Bonus: The episode, hilariously titled "No Country for Two Old Men," also features Lassiter's Mexican doppelganger!

How long will this rift between Maura and Jane last on Rizzoli & Isles? — Sarah
They will eventually reconcile, but don't expect it to be an easy turnaround. In fact, they'll even have a catfight that has to be broken up by the police in the season premiere. Rawr!

Got any Leverage scoop? — James
The show is picking up where Chuck left off! Well, sort of. One of Nate & Co.'s upcoming targets is the regional team leader for Buy More, a nationwide chain of stores that moves into town and quickly puts all the Mom-and-Pop shops out of business. Though they preach honest, American values, they succeed by bribing county officials and slashing prices by selling goods made in sweatshops. We don't think the Nerd Herd would approve.

Adam's Mega Rave: Thank you, Mad Men, for not being afraid to let Peggy step out from behind Don's shadow. Their hand-kissing goodbye was perfection (is it dusty in here?) and also temporarily helped me forget that other awful thing that happened.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Every "death" in the Revenge finale could be reversed next season, which makes it less jaw-dropping, especially considering Mike Kelley already pulled a switcheroo this year.

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