And a baby makes four for Criminal Minds' Kate.

The CBS drama will write in Jennifer Love Hewitt's pregnancy, executive producer Erica Messer tells The arc will kick off in the season's 17th episode, scheduled to air March 11, when her niece Meg (Hailey Sole), whom she and her husband Chris (Greg Grunberg) have raised since her parents' deaths on 9/11, finds out that Kate is with child.

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"She's been acting out a little bit, and we reveal ... it's because Kate is gonna have a baby," Messer says. "The fact that she and Chris decide to have a baby rocks Meg a little bit. Even though she's been raised by amazing people, there's an underlying abandonment since her parents were killed when she was very young. She's trying to deal with that and being 13 and navigate the world and see her place in it." Not to mention being stalked by a network of online predators, the season-long unsubs, that nearly snatched her last month. "All of that is by design," Messer says. "We might hit it again before the finale."

No word yet on whether the show will also write in A.J. Cook's pregnancy. The actress, whose first pregnancy was written in for JJ in Season 3, announced she's expecting her second child on Sunday. After JJ's miscarriage, perhaps she and Will will try again?

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