Glee Glee

Grease Sing-A-Long (Friday, 7/6c, Oxygen)
You can do the hand jive and croon along to "Summer Nights," turning your TV room into a karaoke parlor, as Oxygen kicks off a "Gleek-end" of musical programming with a sing-a-long version of the hit musical movie. While you ask yourself how long it will be before Glee devotes an entire episode to this teen favorite, buckle up for a 12-hour Glee marathon on Saturday, starting at 11/10c in the morning, featuring episodes from the first two seasons (including the tributes to Madonna, Britney Spears and The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Supernatural (Friday, 9/8c, The CW)
OK, let's try this one again. Or: Did the Devil make The CW pull last week's episodes of Supernatural and Smallville at the last minute? Way to agitate your fan base. Barring another calamity, the network's cult faves will return from their overlong holiday hiatus with new episodes. The winter run of Supernatural begins with questions lingering around Sam and his long-lost soul. Namely, was Death able to restore the poor guy's humanity without making him lose his mind in the process? While brother Dean and father-figure Bobby are on vigil, they're distracted by a series of mysterious vanishings. Virgins have gone missing, and word is that a dragon is responsible. Dean as dragonslayer? Count me in. An hour earlier, on Smallville, all hail the return of Chloe. But is she a good Chloe or a bad Chloe? Let's hope we get to find out this week.

Super Bowl XLV (Sunday, 6/5c, Fox)
It hardly matters if the Steelers-Packers match-up lives up to the hype. Everyone will be watching, if the record-breaking ratings for this football season, on network and cable, are any indication. Fox estimates 800 million people will watch as the game is beamed to 230 countries, including military installations abroad. The entertainment includes Lea Michele singing "America, the Beautiful" in the pre-game, Christina Aguilera belting out the National Anthem before kickoff, and the Black Eyed Peas performing at halftime, presumably without the danger of a wardrobe malfunction. (And yes,, we're talking to you.) And as usual, in a bizarro version of how we regularly watch TV, what many will be focused on are the spots between the plays, as advertisers throw their annual Hail Mary's to get our attention.

Glee (Sunday, approximately 10:30/9:30c, Fox)
And then there's the show after the show. This year's spotlight turns to Fox's musical-comedy pop-culture phenom, with its first new episode since December. Titled "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle," the episode's centerpiece is an elaborate reconstruction of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," but everyone's competing for attention, including the football team, the New Directions glee club, and Sue's cheerleading Cheerios, for whom Sue is desperately plotting to bring a trophy home from Nationals. Appropriate for the occasion, the episode is scheduled to run six minutes over its hour allotment. Things do tend to get bigger on Super Bowl Sunday.

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