One of the highlights of Day 1 at Comic-Con was an early evening panel for ABC's upcoming series Marvel's Inhumans, and in addition to teasing a big Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-in with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the panel delivered the goods with the latest trailer.

The two-minute clip is big on the show's unique premiere strategy: Inhumans will first be shown in IMAX theaters on Sept. 1 before moving to living rooms on ABC on Sept. 29. And from the looks of it, you might not want to wait until it hits your TV.

The impressive mix of mutants, lush green environments and rather sterile home base on the Moon makes it a visual treat, and it gets even better when Lockjaw — a massive mutant bulldog — shows off some of his tricks, including teleportation.

Inhumans teases a larger Marvel Universe connection

Check out the trailer, read our coverage of the panel, and then I think you'll agree that this is the Marvel network show we've been waiting for.

Marvel's Inhumans premieres Sept. 1, 2017 in IMAX, before moving to ABC on Sept. 29.