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Marvel's Moon Knight: Trailer, Premiere Date, Casting, and Everything to Know

Marc Spector is a haunted man

Rachel Paige, Kaitlin Thomas

Moon Knight is several titles deep into Marvel's current slate, but it is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated properties in the Marvel pipeline now that Oscar Isaac is headlining the series as Marc Spector, a former boxer who inherits some Ancient Egyptian God-like powers. Marvel is keeping a lot of the secrets about the mysterious character under its cape until we get closer to the 2022 launch date, but TV Guide has collected everything we know about the Disney+ series, including who will be joining Isaac in the first season and breaking down the first footage from the show. 

Here's everything we know about Moon Knight so far.

Latest News

"I can't tell the difference between my waking life and dreams," Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector says (in a British accent!) as we see him haunted and disheveled while checking out an ancient Egypt museum exhibit, in the first footage from the series revealed during the 2021 Disney+ Day. The statement is followed by a gruffer voice saying, "The voice in your head? It devours you," as we watched Marc punching some unseen object in a rundown bathroom and then hop across buildings before the Moon Knight logo appears on the screen. You can check out the teaser as part of the Marvel package on Disney+ at the link below. The Moon Knight clip starts at the 11:57 mark, with a few extra glimpses of Isaac's character fighting in the street at the end of the presentation. 


Oscar Isaac will lead the series. Reports of Isaac taking on the role started circulating in October, with director Aaron Moorhead confirming the casting via tweet in early January 2020. Days later, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported that May Calamawy would be joining Isaac in an unannounced role. Disney+ finally confirmed the news as well in late May 2021. 

Ethan Hawke is reportedly playing the villain: THR also broke the news that Ethan Hawke is joining the cast as the show's main villain, though specific details about his character are still being kept under wraps. This marks Hawke's first foray into the MCU.

Premiere Date

The series is coming in 2022: Marvel confirmed during the 2021 Disney+ Day celebration that Moon Knight would arrive on the streaming service in 2022 along with Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk

Production began in March: The Hawke news also came with the reveal that Marvel plans to started production on the show in Budapest in March 2021.

Who Is Moon Knight?

The character's backstory is fun. Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight first popped up in Werewolf by Night in 1975. Since then he's teamed up with the Avengers, the Secret Avengers, and the X-Men too, including She-Hulk. Unless the MCU goes back and completely rewrites his origin story, Moon Knight will revolve around Marc Spector, a former boxer who becomes a marine and later a mercenary. After he gets involved with the Egyptian gods (it's a long story!), he's offered a chance to redeem himself by becoming a god's avatar on Earth. He calls himself "The Fist of Khonshu," with Khonshu being the ancient Egyptian god of the moon. He's also got multiple alter egos and is frequently compared to DC Comics' Batman.

Disney Plus: Everything to Know About the Streaming Service

The character has vague powers. Thanks to his military training he's got the skills of a soldier, but when it comes to being a superhero those are a little murky. He's got a high pain tolerance and depending on the situation, his multiple personalities either aid or hinder him when it comes to fighting others (it's believed he has dissociative identity disorder). Also, considering his powers are from the moon god, his powers are dependent on lunar cycles.

But at least he has a cool costume! Parts of his suit are made of adamantium (aka, what Wolverine's claws are made from) and has a giant cape to help him fall with style from great heights.

Behind the Scenes

The directing slate is impressive. Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab has been tapped to direct Moon Knight, according to Deadline. Moorhead and his directing partner Justin Benson will also be directing "several episodes," per THR.

The show comes from Jeremy Slater. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Slater has been tapped to develop and lead the writing team for the new series. Slater is behind Netflix's comic book adaptation of The Umbrella Academy. He was also a co-writer on 2015's Fantastic Four.

Marvel has been trying to make a Moon Knight movie or TV series for years. Way back in 2006, Marvel discussed bringing Moon Knight to the small screen with a series, before the MCU was even a thing. However, that fell through. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn then discussed that he once pitched a Moon Knight movie, but it never came to be. 

Moon Knight

Marvel's Moon Knight