Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be forgiven for suspecting that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye might not be a central figure of the franchise going forward past Avengers: Endgame. Although Hawkeye has been a part of on-screen hero squad since 2011, when he made a cameo in Thor before joining The Avengers in 2012, and he also appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, the character was curiously absent from the most recent blockbuster installment, Avengers: Infinity War.

According to Variety, though, Disney+ is not only keeping the character in their arsenal of future property options, but they are now planning to introduce a series specifically focused on Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, with Renner returning to the role as he trains his budding protege Kate Bishop. Surprise!

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The trailer for Endgame shows that Hawkeye — who boasts a buzzy new hairstyle, by the way — will play a big part in the Avengers' second battle with Thanos, and perhaps fans will even get a taste of his training skills in the film, as we briefly see him teaching archery to a girl in a park in the preview.

This Hawkeye series joins a growing list of Disney+'s planned MCU series based on its cinematic properties. Disney previously revealed plans to roll out a series about Loki starring Tom Hiddleston, a series focused on the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and a show centered on Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

Disney+ launches Nov. 12.

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