Martha Stewart Martha Stewart

Mothers, watch out for your sons. Martha Stewart is on the dating prowl.

A profile for Stewart, a 71-year-old divorcee, was unveiled Wednesday, Us magazine reports. is one of the Internet's most successful dating sites.

On Monday, Stewart appeared on Today and told  Matt Lauer that she's been unlucky in love. During the process of setting up the dating profile, which identifies interests and what the person is looking for in a mate, Stewart said she laughed. "It was, like, impossible."

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Some of the fun details Stewart listed on her profile include that she is a social drinker, doesn't smoke, is "athletic and toned" — and is on the market for a man aged 55-70, which for Stewart is a younger man! Her primary personality traits are "curious, intelligent, entrepreneurial, hard-working, fun and adventurous." Check out the full profile here.

The homemaker queen was previously married to Andrew Stewart, before they divorced in 1987. She has also dated Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Would you date Martha Stewart (if you are what she's looking for)?