Lucifer's second coming is kicking off with a devil of a love triangle. The first trailer for the resurrected drama's fourth season, which debuts on Netflix in May, teases Lucifer's (Tom Ellis) reunion with Eve (Inbar Lavi) — yes, that Eve. And since things with Chloe (Lauren German) seem a little rocky now that she's seen his devil face, Lucifer seems more than happy to reconnect with the original sinner.

"Eve is amazing," he argues in the trailer. "She appreciates that I'm the Devil."

"I'm guessing this isn't going to end well," Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) deduces. No kidding.

The hedonistic trailer comes on the heels of a steamy Netflix teaser, which was released exactly 666 hours before the drama's premiere on the streaming service. Netflix rescued Lucifer from the afterlife and granted it a 10-episode fourth season after Fox canceled the series last spring, citing its declining audience.

Lucifer Season 4 arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, May 8.

<p>Inbar Lavi and Tom Ellis, <em>Lucifer</em> </p>

Inbar Lavi and Tom Ellis, Lucifer