It's official: Lucifer has been saved!

After getting the ax by Fox during May's TV bloodbath, the series is being revived for a fourth season at Netflix, according to the Hollywood Reporter. This is great news for fans who immediately launched an online campaign (#SaveLucifer) to resurrect the show after the cancellation news surfaced.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Amazon was allegedly in talks to revive the series but a deal never went through. Instead, the show is now headed to Netflix.

The series follows the hedonistic Devil (Tom Ellis) who takes a sabbatical from Hell to enjoy the party scene in Los Angeles, where he ends up teaming up with the clever Detective Decker (Lauren German) to solve crimes and punish the wicked. Season 3 ended on a massive cliffhanger when Lucifer finally revealed his true face to Decker but the episode ended before we could gauge her reaction. With the show moving to Netflix, it looks like we'll finally see how she feels about him after that bombshell reveal.

Raise a glass and celebrate, Satan himself will return in the near future.

Tom Ellis, <em>Lucifer</em>Tom Ellis, Lucifer