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Lucifer Showrunners Reveal the Devil Will Embrace His Dark Side This Season

What does this mean for Lucifer and Chloe?

Sadie Gennis

Since Lucifer began, the Devil (Tom Ellis) has generally been working on the side of good. But now that he has his angel wings back, Lucifer will be embracing his dark side in a way viewers haven't seen before.

Although this may seem counterintuitive, it makes perfect sense for Lucifer, who has always done the opposite of what has been expected of him. "He's a man who's all about free will and he does not like anything imposed upon him," co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich tells TV Guide. "He did not like being made the Devil and he does not like it when someone's telling him that he's an angel again."

"So when Lucifer gets the feeling his dad either wants him to be an angel again or feels like he's worthy of being an angel again, Lucifer decides that he has to be the Devil all the more," adds co-showrunner Joe Henderson.

But as Lucifer quickly learns, his wings weren't a gift from dear ol' dad; they were bestowed upon him by the Sinnerman, Lucifer's new foe who was behind his kidnapping in the Season 2 finale. So what does the Sinnerman want with Lucifer? And how will introduction of the Sinnerman -- not to mention the hot new police lieutenant, Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) -- affect Lucifer's relationship with Chloe (Lauren German)? Henderson and Modrovich reveal everything you need to know about Season 3 below!

How does Lucifer feel about the fact that he has his wings back?
Ildy Modrovich:
Well, not good! You know, he's a man who's all about free will and he does not like anything imposed upon him. So he did not like being made the Devil and he does not like it when someone's telling him that he's an angel again.
Joe Henderson: Whenever Lucifer feels like someone's telling him who he is or what he's supposed to do, he runs the other way.

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Lucifer sees getting his wings back as punishment, but Amenadiel (DB Woodside) would like nothing more than to get his wings back. How does that imbalance affect their relationship?
That's a big part of Amenadiel's journey this season because you're exactly right, his brother gets the one thing he wanted back and he has to deal with what that means and also come to the realization that maybe this is part of his task. That ... instead of failing like he did last year without realizing that he was the favorite son and having his wings fall, he's going to step up. He's going to be worthy of the favorite son name that his father bestowed on him.
Modrovich: It's never good for men to compare body parts. Especially brothers.

Speaking of comparing men. There is a new guy in Chloe's life this season, Marcus Pierce. How does he set himself apart from characters we've seen before?
Well, he's a lot uglier.
Modrovich: We thought we had such a beautiful cast, we thought we'd add one very unattractive man. No, he's great. There is no one like him on the show. And what's great about Tom Welling on the show is that he's not doing anything you've seen him do before. He's not Clark Kent. He's got an edge to him. He's got a lot of secrets too. He's not "all you see is what you get." There's more to him than meets the eye.
Henderson: We've also never had an authority figure come in with our characters, so it's nice that they're used to doing things their way and Pierce comes in with a very different approach than they have. It's one Chloe responds to quite a bit. Pierce is very different from Lucifer. What [Pierce] says in a little, Lucifer says in a lot. He's the kind of guy who wants to get stuff done while Lucifer wants to play. And there's a lot about Pierce that Chloe really responds to because this is a guy who's closing cases and getting stuff done.
Modrovich: He's kind of all about the rules. He's by the book. It's what Joe said: he's somebody who likes the rules, who follows the rules. She's kind of an eternal adult and he's maybe even more so and she doesn't really have any adults in her life. He fills that role.
Henderson: She has Peter Pan in one hand and an adult in the other, and both appeal to her in different ways.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German, Lucifer

We know that Pierce eventually tells Lucifer that he knows about the Sinnerman and they team up to track him down. How much are we going to see them butt heads during this unlikely partnership?
Henderson: I think you hit it right on the target. The fun of it is going to be [seeing] these two characters with two very different agendas when it comes to this Sinnerman character -- can they work together? Will their agendas clash? At times their agendas will be together and at times they're going to have to face off. And that's the fun of it.

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Is it just a coincidence that Pierce comes into Lucifer's life or does he know more about the celestial world than he lets on?
I'll say one thing. Pierce is human, so he's not a celestial character. But he's definitely come here following the Sinnerman, which is the uniting factor between them.
Modrovich: He is human, but as I said earlier, there is more to him than meets the eye.

What makes the Sinnerman a different kind of antagonist than ones we've seen before?
Modrovich: He's a badass. But what you also find is that he does have a hidden history with some characters in our show that come out and Lucifer has to face off against.
Henderson: We look at him like a bizarre reflection of Lucifer. We learn in an upcoming episode that he also gives out favors, but his are a little bit more nefarious. When this guy gives out favors, you're really dreading the payment that you'll have to give. So it's sort of the Devil facing a dark reflection of himself.

What can you say about the Sinnerman's intentions in kidnapping Lucifer?
The Sinnerman's the kind of person who knows that putting angel wings on the Devil will only drive him deeper in the other direction. So Lucifer, whether he likes it or not, is being manipulated.
Modrovich: And that Sinnerman has a motivation in taking Lucifer into the desert that's other than the wings. He has this specific motivation that we will reveal to you throughout the entire season. He has a personal reason.

Lucifer was so close to revealing the truth to Chloe in the season finale. How much longer do you think you can draw out this reveal?
17 seasons.
Modrovich: Forever and ever and ever. No, you know one thing that we contend with to be really honest, we want to keep Chloe formidable, we want to keep her smart. But at the same time, the reason why she doesn't know at this time is because of Lucifer. Because Lucifer, even though he's very honest about being the Devil, he could have shown her at any time. He showed Linda (Rachael Harris). And so really, what we're hanging onto are the deep reasons why he's keeping it from her. It's because he's afraid she won't accept him, that she'll be afraid of him. And so that's sort of the place we're living.
Henderson: All we can tease is in the premiere, Lucifer will fulfill his promise to show her who he truly is.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.