Ray Romano by Robert Mora/WireImage.com Ray Romano by Robert Mora/WireImage.com

Three years since the end of Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray Romano could be back soon on TV.

The comedian is starring in a TNT-produced pilot, Men of a Certain Age, that he created with Raymond writer-producer Mike Royce, Variety says. In an unusual development route, TNT is diving into the pilot straight from the script.

Men will center on three fortysomething men who go through mid-life crises, with what's described as a Sideways-ish tone and what sounds like a dash of thirtysomething. At a recent movie premiere party, Romano had hinted at the possibility of the new pilot, and described his philosophy for the series as "write what you know, and write what you cry about."

What's your take? Is this new concept a combo you'd want to see picked up, or a rehash of subjects well-trodden? With Romano at the helm, does it matter what it's about? - Anna Dimond