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Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan is not only healthy, but also has a healthy sense of humor about herself. When LiLo took over Chelsea Lately Monday night, we weren't greeted with the pallid blonde who's fueled tabloids for years. Instead, Lohan was back to the bubbly redhead we fell for in Mean Girls.

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Her opening monologue, in which she thanked "the celebrities who kept the tabloids alive in my absence" was cheesy, but Lohan breezed through it. "I'm back, I'm happy, I'm healthy, and sorry paparazzi, but if you want to take pictures of someone who's really f----ed up, you're just gonna have to wait until Chelsea's back," Lohan joked. Graphs: Is Amanda Bynes more scandalous than LiLo?

Not only did she deliver the pre-written jokes with perfect comedic timing, but even LiLo's improv was delightful. Lohan's bashfulness when Orphan Black star Dylan Bruce brought up The Parent Trap was completely endearing, along with her refusal to shy away from self-deprecating humor. "It would be really convenient to have a clone, I mean, for me," Lohan said. "Oh, I have one right now, she does all the bad sh--." In addition to poking fun at herself, Lohan also got in a few fun jabs at other celebs, including a well-executed Kristen Stewart diss. Referring to the actress' paparazzi freak-out, Lohan joked, "I'm just excited that Kristen Stewart finally showed some emotion ... Of course she hates photographers. They got a picture of her kissing a married man inside a Mini Cooper."

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Lohan also took on Justin Bieber's recent bad behavior ("What are you, selfie-ing your d---?"), the woman who burned herself with a curling iron on Vine ("It's like a Glee moment") and Harry Styles' alleged bisexuality ("I've been there") with aplomb. Lohan has attempted a comeback twice before, but for once we actually think she might actually has a shot. Maybe not at returning to her 2004 peak, but if LiLo can stay sober — and stick to comedy, please! — she can definitely do better than Liz & Dick. How do you think LiLo did as host?