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A Leverage Revival Is Happening and Today Is Now Officially the Best Day


Lindsay MacDonald

Just when you thought the world was plain terrible, IMDB TV turns the whole thing around by reviving Leverage. That's right, this cult series is getting a second life, and we could not be more on board!

Deadline reports that Amazon's free streaming service, IMDB TV, has officially ordered a 13-episode season a Leverage revival, with Noah Wyle as the lead of this new series. Creators John Rogers and Chris Downey will return to helm the series, but they're not the only alums who have agreed to return. Beth Riesgraf will be back as Parker, and Gina Bellman will once again play everyone's favorite grifter, Sophie Devereaux. Christian Kane will also be back as Eliot Spencer. As if it weren't' exciting enough that three of our faves will return as series regulars, Aldis Hodge will also return as Hardison, though his role will only be as a recurring character since he is currently a regular on Showtime's City on a Hill. There is no word yet on whether Timothy Hutton, who recently faced sexual assault allegations, will reprise his role as Nathan Ford.

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Leverage, which first premiered in 2008, told the story of a ragtag group of criminals who took it upon themselves to become champions of the everyman, righting wrongs, and bringing justice to those who'd been taken advantage of by corporations or even the government. The procedural developed an incredibly passionate fanbase that kept the show running for five seasons before it was eventually canceled in 2012.

Now, it looks like the team is back together and ready to pick up their old mantle!

​Aldis Hodge and Christiane Kane, Leverage

Aldis Hodge and Christiane Kane, Leverage