Legacies has done a pretty good job of slowly stoking the Malivore mystery this season, but in its penultimate episode, The CW series revealed a ton of need-to-know stuff about the pit that's also kind of a person.

After kidnapping our resident phoenix from school, Ryan Clarke (Nick Fink), a supposed agent of the Triad, went about debriefing Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) on the history of Malivore. Apparently, back when dragons were being super problematic, a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf banded together to create a golem to be the "Eater of the Dark." He would consume these dragons and lock them away in a hell dimension where they couldn't hurt anyone. But he didn't stop there; he started consuming all creatures, only leaving behind the three species that had created him and guarded themselves against him.

Eventually, though, the golem got lonely, as all supernaturally immortal creatures do, and he started trying to create his own children out of the same mud he was made from. That, Clarke revealed, is what he is: one of the golem's "children."

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Don't worry, though, Landon ain't no mud man. According to Clarke, the golem was dissatisfied with his mud children and started trying to reproduce biologically. It was at that point that Clarke betrayed his father and led humans to destroy him, turning him into the black pit that we now know as the portal to Malivore. Those humans eventually founded Triad Industries to continue the work of erasing monsters, but eventually, Clarke watched their mission get poisoned to the point where they'd throw anyone who opposed them in — human or not.

But Malivore didn't stop trying reproduce, and the humans thrown in the pit gave him enough genetic material to finally reproduce with a human. His one success? Landon Kirby. That would make he and Clarke brothers in a sense, bringing us all the way back to the core values The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were founded on: brotherhood and family.

Back at the school, the twins finally discovered the truth about the Gemini merge, while Hope tried to practice reconciling with Landon using a "therapy prism" that allowed one's consciousness to take the form of the person they needed to hash it out with. Side note: Let's all take a moment to realize that this little prism could be a gold mine of opportunities when it comes to seeing characters from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals who might not otherwise normally show up. Klaus (Joseph Morgan), for example? Hell, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) even said she used it sometimes to talk through issues with her mom, Caroline Forbes (Candice King).

In the end, Landon seemed to side with his brother, choosing to release Malivore and keep his friends safe rather than let the Triad keep abusing the pit's powers. If they manage to find the golden chalice that serves as the last lock to Malivore's prison, then next week's season finale might literally release hell on earth.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Kaylee Bryant and Lulu Antariksa, <em>Legacies</em>Kaylee Bryant and Lulu Antariksa, Legacies